A beautiful family | Boston MA Family Photographer

Every blog post I write up in my head starts out with “I’m not much of a writer…” and the same thing occurs every time I want to write here. It starts out with lots to say, and ends with very few words to accompany many images. And there’s also the fact that it feels at little bit selfish to write about myself or my business when the spotlight should really be on my clients. I’m resisting the urge to erase all of what I’ve already typed out, because it can never amount to as much as these images speak to me…but I will try to put it into words.

I just want to say…I am lucky and grateful; I spend my daily life staring at images I have taken and poured my heart into, and to know that today…or someday, they will mean the world to someone is just an indescribable gift.

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d - so cute!!

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