Life in snapshots | Guest post by Meg Grant

Meagan is a friend of mine and wife to Devin, a blogger, student, teacher and extraordinary mom of 3 amongst other things. I asked her to write a little guest post  for mother’s day, to accompany some photos of her family that I shot recently. You can follow her adventures and read her blog at Be warned, you may shed a tear or two or be suddenly very inspired when reading some of her post…I just love the simplicity and honesty in her writing. Enjoy!

Daily life is so busy, filled with moments, both good and bad. Regardless, they are all moments I do not want to forget. Without my camera, my computer, and my blog I would indeed forget the ordinary greatness in each day.  At the end of the day, I am able to reflect on the simple beauty and complexity of our life as a family.  Some nights are proud moments, others moments where I am forced to be honest with myself and look for better ways. Life is chock full of joy, sadness, and beautiful chaos.  Nothing captures that better than a photograph.

I suppose I could attempt to organize the countless shoeboxes of photographs in my house into some lovely scrapbook, but I’ve tried that and it is just not my thing.  Rather than my fingers cutting small letters and shapes, they do best tapping on my computer.  Writing is my thing.  Nothing excites me more than watching individual words come together and bring meaning to the photographs of my days. Combining the cathartic ways of writing with the reflective art of photography on my blog offers a way for me to not only preserve these precious days, but also truly appreciate each moment, both the good and the bad. These days of super heroes and swing rides are short lived and are a constant reminder of the millions of fleeting moments that make life such a gift.

My little cocoon in cyberspace makes me a better person…especially a better Mum.  At the end of the day when I am exhausted, I open my laptop, sip my tea, and stare as I watch the images of the day slide across the screen.  I laugh, cry, sigh, and shake my head.  I can see the epic toddler tantrum that halted my morning plans; feel the joy as my daughter touched her favorite piglet at the farm; and get lost in the pride I had for my daughter when we opened the letter saying she was accepted to the Gifted and Talented Program.  These moments would otherwise be lost in the banks of my memory. I do not blog to show off, to sell something, or to bait a book deal.  I blog because I have to– I have to relive the moments of my day, all of them, to truly appreciate the ones of tomorrow.

How do you preserve precious memories? Writing? Photography? Videos? Tell me in the comments!


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